Danbury • CT

Bruna & Rogerio

Photographing Bruna and Rogério's wedding on a rainy autumn afternoon in Danbury, Connecticut, was an experience filled with challenges and magic. As a wedding photographer in CT, I had the opportunity to capture unique moments even in the face of challenging weather conditions.

Due to the persistent rain, the wedding was celebrated inside a tent, adding an intimate and cozy touch to this special day. Bruna, stunning in her wedding dress, and Rogério, elegant in his suit, exchanged heartfelt vows under the shelter of the tent, creating truly memorable images.

The celebration that followed was filled with joy and human warmth. Friends and family came together to celebrate this authentic love, and every hug and laughter captured through my lens told a part of this special story.

This Connecticut wedding, on a rainy autumn day in Danbury, was a reminder that love shines even in the rain. I am immensely grateful to Bruna and Rogério for trusting me to document this incredible moment.


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