Amanda & Vinny

On a crisp autumn morning in Connecticut, I had the privilege of capturing the engagement of Amanda & Vinny. The soft light filtering through the trees lent an ethereal quality to our shoot, enhancing the magic of their love. What truly set this session apart was Vinny's passion for football, seamlessly integrated into every frame. As a football coach, he infused the shoot with his enthusiasm for the game, resulting in personalized images that perfectly encapsulated their story.

From playful moments on the field to tender embraces amid autumn's first whispers, each photograph spoke volumes about their connection and shared interests. As a wedding photographer in Connecticut, I cherish these opportunities to document love stories against the backdrop of our beautiful state.

Thank you, Amanda & Vinny, for entrusting me with your memories. I eagerly anticipate capturing even more cherished moments on your wedding day. Until then, take care and stay in love.