Gillette Castle State Park

Greg & Hunter

On a magical autumn afternoon, I found myself immersed in the serene beauty of Gillette Castle State Park, CT, ready to capture the love story of Greg and Hunter through the lens of my camera. Under the golden canopy of trees, each click was imbued with the vibrant energy of the couple, whose love radiated in every glance and touch.

The majestic surroundings of the park provided a perfect backdrop to highlight the tenderness and connection between them as we explored the picturesque nooks and wide-open spaces. Each photograph captured not just moments, but memories that will echo forever in their hearts.

I thank Greg and Hunter for trusting me to immortalize this special chapter of their lives. It was an honor to witness and document their journey of love. I can't wait to reunite with you on your wedding day, where we will continue to turn moments into precious memories. See you soon!


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