Norwich • CT

Courtney & Dan

As a wedding photographer, I had the incredible opportunity to be the photographer for Courtney and Dan's wedding. It was a truly enchanting event held in a stunning backyard in Norwich, CT, with a beautiful river as the backdrop. Despite the rainy weather, we all made the most of this special day, creating unique and memorable wedding photos.

The backyard decor was simply impeccable, with stunning arrangements of colorful flowers, hanging lanterns, and bright lights, creating a charming and sophisticated ambiance. The riverside setting added a natural and serene touch to the images, with beautiful reflections in the water, further enhancing the captured photographs.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, the contagious energy and excitement of the wedding party lasted late into the night. The guests danced and enjoyed themselves to the lively music, providing unforgettable moments that I had the skill to capture with my lenses.

Even with the rain, we were able to create stunning images, taking advantage of the diffused natural lighting and the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape. My intimate and spontaneous approach allowed me to perfectly capture the essence of happiness and love shared by Courtney and Dan, making the photos truly emotional and authentic.

It was an unforgettable experience to be part of this special wedding. I sincerely thank Courtney and Dan for choosing me as their wedding photographer and trusting me to capture all the precious moments of this unique day. With immense gratitude, I can say that this event was truly magical, filled with beauty, joy, and emotion. I am honored to have overcome the weather challenges and produced stunning images that perfectly reflected the unique atmosphere of this occasion.


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