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10 Tips for an unforgettable Maternity Photoshoot!!

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Are you thinking about doing a photo session (with a professional photographer or not) to keep your pregnant image forever?The photos in the pregnant book are a reminder that you will have a phase so full of expectation and emotion. Vanessa Trettel collected tips and touches for you to make the most of your photo session.

1 . Don't wait too long: make the book between weeks 30 and 36

The photographers' opinion is that the ideal time to make the pregnant book is between the seventh and eighth month, when the belly is already very round and protruding, but the woman is not yet so swollen.If you want to make the book, plan to take the photos between the 30th. and the 36th. week of pregnancy.

2 . Sleep without any lingerie on the day of the session

On the day you are going to take the photos, don’t wear any kind of panties and bra, neither during the night nor during the day, and wear a very loose outfit."Even if the traditional side nude of the pregnant woman is not done, inevitably the side of the breasts and hips must appear in the photos, so it is necessary to be careful with these clothing brands!", Says the photographer.

3 . The makeup should also be light and matte. 

If possible, take some make-up for touch-ups if necessary, but remember, it's just to enhance your natural beauty! 

4 . Check with your photographer the outfit options

Many photographers provide the clothes that will be used for the photo shoot, if you are going to buy, preferably for the non-printed clothes. Because they tend to make the mother look bigger than desired.

The shirts (including the husband's social ones!) Are super versatile and elegant and can be worn open or closed.

5 . Wear skin-colored panties and bra

Not to appear in the clothes you are going to wear, preferably for beige panties and bras, not to appear under the clothes

6 . The man's clothes have to highlighting the masculine and paternal appearance

For men it is preferable to take discreet sneakers, sneakers or shoes, jeans, shorts, shirt or polo. It is important to always seek harmony between the pieces.

7 . Take objects with sentimental values

If you want to use objects that symbolize the arrival of the baby, feel free to take them, such as: shoes, pets, pieces of the room with the baby's name, books, etc.

8 . Family in photography? 

It is common to see the partner included in the rehearsals, but they are hardly the only ones to closely monitor the long-awaited arrival of the new family member. If you find it interesting to include people who are important and are enjoying this moment closely with you, include it! Parents, grandparents, siblings, other children and even pets! Don't be afraid to dare and do it differently. Use your creativity!

9 . Choose a location that is in tune with you.Perhaps you will replace the traditional external maternity sessions, in fields and beaches, with a rehearsal performed in the comfort of your own home, in the same cosiness and tranquility that you will receive the baby. This is a good tip too, for women more ashamed, being at ease is important at this time, in addition to bringing naturalness to the photographs. If you choose to take photos outdoors, think of places that are meaningful to you, that remind you of good stories and memories. The more intimate you are, the more comfortable you will feel.

10 . The choice of the Maternity photographerAs in any other shoot, photographer and client need to be in touch and in the same mood. Talk to your photographer, make it clear what makes you comfortable and what doesn't, ask questions and be sure to choose someone you feel comfortable sharing this moment with. Follow photographer websites to seek inspiration and find out who best matches your style. This tip is very important !!!

All these tips for Maternity Photoshoot are very important, so that you have a super mega maternity photoshoot and especially, that your memory of this magical moment, be very well recorded. As you always dreamed.And if you want to do me the honor of photographing them, just get in touch. It will be incredible!!!

13 Mai 2020

10 Tips for an unforgettable Maternity Photoshoot!!

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