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When is the best time to do my Maternity Photoshoot?

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When is the best time to do my maternity session?

Find out the ideal time to perform your Maternity Photoshoot?Many of the future moms want to do a pregnancy test, in order to register this special phase that is the pregnancy. But, are they all that know what is the ideal time to carry out this essay? Thinking about it, I will clear up some doubts that some women have. Check out:

1- The ideal momentMany still do not know, but there is a certain time to take the photos. And this period is between the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy and the beginning of the eighth (between 28th and 32nd week). This guidance is appropriate because it is at that time when the woman's belly is already large, but she still does not feel so swollen and having difficulty walking and breathing.I often hear from moms during this period "Ah, but my belly isn't that big yet". Do not worry! It is essential that you feel good in the rehearsal, so the choice of this period, and through the techniques of photography and body position we managed to highlight the beautiful pregnancy belly. It is certain to receive comments of the surprise looking at the photos "wow, how big is my belly".

2- The best timeRecommendations for taking photos are between early morning and late afternoon, as it is at that time when natural light is most beautiful, essential for photography. The shades of light in these two times are more colorful and makes the photos look wonderful. If the rehearsal is performed in a studio, you can choose any time that is best for the client

3- Duration of the Session

Depending on the chosen proposal and the pregnant woman's disposition, a session can last from 1 to 3 hours. Of course, if the session is outdoors it may take a little more time, but the end result pays off!

4- Some tipsA pregnant shoot is where photographers care most about feeling, with the intention of making you have a pleasant memory of these records and being able to relive this whole phase of pregnancy. Choose comfortable clothes that show your belly, like tops or boleros. And, for rehearsals in the middle of nature, don't forget your repellent!

Is it possible to take photographs outside this period?Of course! The advantage of doing it before 28 weeks is that the pregnant woman will be even lighter and more ready for the session."Ah, but I missed the 'ideal moment'. Can I still do it?" Of course!Pamella made her test ON THE LAST DAY of pregnancy:

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When is the best time to do my Maternity Photoshoot?

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