Wedding Schedule

All about your big day

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It's time to start organizing the schedule to ensure that all the details are covered for the big day. Remember, the more organized we are beforehand, the smoother and more successful the wedding day will be. So, please provide as much information as possible to help us make the necessary arrangements.


Please find below a form with the main events of the wedding day. Kindly fill in the corresponding time for each event. If any of the events are taking place at a different location than the ceremony, please provide the additional address and any important information you would like us to consider.

After the form, there are some helpful tips and information for each of the events mentioned.

Additionally, on the wedding day, it may be difficult for me to communicate with the bride by phone. To avoid any issues, please nominate a point of contact who can assist me with any questions or concerns that may arise on the wedding day. Please provide the name and mobile number of the nominated person.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Tips and Information

The more time included in the package, the more time we can include the bride's preparation. On the wedding day, the bride has a long day before getting ready to do her hair and makeup. The wedding photographer should arrive between 2 hour to 30 minutes before the bride is ready to be able to get the makeup pictures of the bride. During this time, the photographer(s) can get detail shots of the dress, rings, invitation, etc.

  • I would like you to reserve a wedding invitation for details photos
  • Please, the wedding rings must also be kept with the bride for the detail photos.

         *(Simple Wedding packages do not include preparations before the ceremony)

Will he dress up in the same place as the bride?

The bride's hair and makeup is complete (if you want those super cute shots of everyone together in matching robes, it's best to set aside time after hair and makeup, but before the bridesmaids put on their dresses).

The first look is a special moment where the two of you see each other for the first time, and thus being able to capture that special moment with only the two of you.

I strongly suggest you to take the most artistic photos without the worry of having to do them running, while the guests are waiting

More information that you give, the better it will be.

  • bridesmaids, how many?
  • flower girl
  • traditional gesture that symbolizes union
  • entrance of alliances

Right after the ceremony is over, it's the best time to take a picture with everyone present at the wedding. This is a great opportunity to get everyone together for a photo without taking up Cocktail time.

Now is the time to take photos with the most important people at the party. If you chose not to do the First Look, now is the time for more artistic photos, but it will also be the time to take photos with the family and bridesmaids and groomsmen.

To optimize the time of photos with family and friends, it is very good to inform them that after the ceremony they will be included in the photos of family and friends. It is also very useful to ask someone nearby to be in charge of gathering everyone for the photos.

For the cocktail, allow between 2 hours and a minimum of 30 minutes.

  • Ask the venue to reserve a tray with some food and a few drinks for the bride and groom during the cocktail party. They always reserve some delicacies to make you enjoy the most of your big day.

Time to start the party, from this moment until the end, the most spontaneous photos will be taken, so I will always be keeping an eye on everything that is happening always looking for the best angle, so always remember to see the photographer smile that we are always looking to create beautiful Photos.

This is the moment that always makes us shed a tear even in the coldest of hearts, so prepare the tissue.

This is the moment that we photographers can rest a few minutes, because nobody wants to be photographed with food in their mouth. So this is also an important time to plan during the wedding to make the most of the photographer's time. Usually the bride and groom are the first to eat, if your wedding is going to be served à la carte, it is very important that the photographers are served together with the bride and groom, so that as soon as you finish, the photographers also finish together to start taking the photos with the guests. Because many wedding venues leave the photographer to serve last, which often implies the loss of 1 hour or more in time that could be better spent if the photographer's schedule was aligned with the bride and groom's schedule.

Between dinner and the open dance floor to start the party, we can take photos with the guests. As soon as the bride and groom and the photographer finish eating, we can start taking photos with the guests, the way it will be done may vary depending on the style chosen for each party, but in general we start the photos with the table that is served first and consequently they will finish first, then we can start going to each table to take the photos. I always recommend that the photos be taken with people standing up, so they look prettier and you can show off their beautiful dresses.

Another super dynamic option that makes photos with the guests much easier is when the food will be served at the buffet, the table before serving, take a photo with the bride and groom and right after the photo goes to the buffet serve themselves. This option works very well in an organized and super fast way, in this case the bride and groom and the photographer will be the last to be served.

Usually at this point in the party keeping up with the timeline becomes increasingly difficult, but we are there to keep everything in order, and possibly I will call you so we can cut the cake, so that we don't miss any important moments.

This is the moment waiting for all single ladies, and also this moment is always full of fun moments.

This is without a doubt one of the most fun moments of the wedding, which results in the most spontaneous and fun photos of the whole night.

I'll be there for the entire party as if I were a paparazzi looking to make the photos spontaneous, and many times we go through a bit of trouble to make everything even more perfect with the composition of the photo. So the best way for you to contribute to your photos being even more perfect is whenever you see the photographer, try to face him, smile and make the most of this special day.


  • Each wedding is unique, as each one has a contracted amount of hours for the big day, so organize everything in the best way to optimize each moment in the best way, and please, be sure to specify the time you want the photographer start and end the day. If you need extra hour ($150 each photographer) just let me know.
  • Feel free to add any extra information, and remember to send me the inspirational photos so I can get as close as possible to the photos of your dreams. I promise you that I will do my best to make this day as perfect as possible.
  • Don't forget to add the address if you have more than one address on your wedding day.
  • Delegate tasks to family and friends, on the wedding day try not to worry about anything, this can cost you many moments of stress on your special day.
  • Do your makeup and hair with a competent professional, test what you have in mind before the big day to avoid any hassles. The way you see yourself will have a huge influence on the final result.